Monday, April 21, 2014

Bunny ears and puffy pink Easter dresses

Our Easter in pictures (and a few words). . . 

Clara was a little unsure what to think of the Easter Bunny. . . 

Watching intently as her balloon flower was being made. . .

 Showing Clara how to hunt for eggs. . .

Yes, we went there. Bunny ears for both girls. They will totally love us for this someday. . .

Camille thinking she is too cool & trying to take off her ears. . . No ma'am Ms. Camille. . .

That's better. . .

Happy girls. . . See, I told them they would come to like their latest head accessory. . .

Clara: "Watch out sister, I'm looking at you."

Camille: "Don't mess with me. . . I know where you live."

Staring contest continues. . .

And now for the super pink & puffy little girl Easter dresses. . . Again, they will so appreciate these pictures some day.

A good pic of the two of them was a little difficult to capture. . .

 Love my girls!

Happy Easter (a day late!) HE IS RISEN!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Links 4/18/14

Hope you all have a lovely Good Friday and Easter weekend. We are planning on some good quality family time, with both sides of our family, and hoping to spend as much time outside with the girls as possible (as long as our finicky weather cooperates that is). We also signed Clara up for an introductory class (read: FREE) at the Little Gym near our house. I'm hoping she likes it. . . but we will see!

If I were An Advertiser - Jen Hatmaker (Seriously so, so hilarious!)
Living The Moments - Life as of Late
Turning Over a New (Palm) Leaf - Life as of Late
A Mommy's Eulogy - True Worth (I am amazed & inspired by this woman's strength and peace.)

Eating Disorder/Mental Health/Self Esteem
Externalizing the eating disorder - Surviving Anorexia

Special Needs
Why Your Special Needs Mom Friend Might Be. . . "One of those moms" - Trust Me, Im a Mom (All of these things I can vouch for. So true. SO. TRUE.)
How anxiety leads to disruptive behavior - Child Mind Institute

And someone please tell me when my baby became this big kid that you see below?
So not ok. . .

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Worlds Toughest Job Interview

Have y'all seen this U tube video that has been circulating? 

I know there are some who are nit-picking it apart in the name of "dads do just as much as moms," and while I in no way am denying a fathers involvement in child rearing (goodness, of all people I have been blessed with a husband who gives 100% everyday to our two kids, even after a long, grueling day in corporate America), I do think this video gives honor to the day in and day out dedication that moms everywhere give their littles. And I think the Ad is pretty clever if I do say so myself. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Camille 3 months

Happy 3 months, Camille!
April 14, 2014
Smiling, cooing, snuggling, being swaddled, and just being cute. She is also learning to love bath time. :)

Does not love:
When she is hungry and not being fed fast enough (can't blame her on this one)
When she has a dirty diaper & is not being changed fast enough (again, can't blame her on this one)

She eats about every 3.5 hours.

Sleeping like a champ. A usual night is 9pm-7am with one wake up to eat between the hours of 2-4am. Every once in a while she will eat twice at night. She takes about 4 naps per day on average.

Lots of social smiling (the girl is a major flirt), lots of cooing and vocalizations, batting at objects with her hands and legs, neck and head control is getting much stronger, and she can grasp a few objects in her hands (if not too heavy).

No real schedule just yet. We do follow the eat-play-sleep routine, and only keep her awake for about 90 minutes at a time to prevent over tiredness, and both are working very well.

Camille got to meet my Aunt (my dad's sister) & Grandpa (my dad's dad) for the first time this past weekend. The introduction was long overdue, and we were so glad to finally get to spend quality  time with them.

Can't believe three months has come and gone! Love her so much!